Modern multi-unit facility in the heart of Rogaska Slatina

Parking spaces, elevator and large storage rooms

The new building as a whole consists of 4 objects, each of which has two floors with a height of two levels. Above the ground floor is the second floor, above the second part of the floor there is a roof terrace. The first and second floor each consists of one living space, with the exception of the highest part of the building, in which all levels are designed for one apartment.

There are two residential units per building, with the exception of the highest-lying one-story building (a total of 7 units). Access to the apartments is provided via an elevator and through corridors that lead through an external staircase. This provides access from the highest entrance floor to areas below the building where parking is provided.

Storage rooms are located below the external staircase opposite the entrances to the individual buildings, and parking spaces are located below the lower buildings A and B and are accessible through two consecutive slopes from the road to the ground.

Top notch construction, roof and facade.

The structural design of the building is classic, with 20 cm thick brick walls, AB vertical and horizontal bandages and 20 cm thick AB slabs that twist half the floor at the floor level offset point. The two upper parts of the building, C and D, stand in the field and are equipped with a classic floor slab on tape bases. The two lower parts, A and B, stand on two AB walls 30 cm thick and round 30 cm AB columns.

The walls rest on waist foundations, columns with a point. Under the building there are parking spaces, which are also provided on a classic base plate (waterproofing pressure and concrete). The walls of the stand under building B, or at the intersection of objects B and C, are also the supporting wall of the soil on which the object C and D stands, as well as the rest of the ascending terrain.

The facade of the building is made in the form of a classic contact facade, painted in bright, discreet colors. South-facing balconies provide shades that are fixed elements of wood panels suitable for outdoor use. Wooden panels, 1 cm thick, treated with a protective film that protects against physical damage and adverse weather conditions. Panels for balcony masks have a system steel structure.